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Nemox is a modern company that combines technological innovation and top quality to create tomorrow’s products today.
Made and founded in Italy in 1986 , Nemox is the leading worldwide manufacturer of Gelato, Ice cream and Sorbet Machines.

Professional Gelato Machine

Gelato 12K
Gelato 12K

The Gelato 12K highlights various advanced functions, but remains very easy to use.

5+5k Twin
Crea 5+5K

Gelato 5+ 5K crea TWIN can prepare  two flavours
at the same time!

10K Crea
Crea 10K

Gelato 10K. Powerful and easy to use. It is suitable for high production in a short time.

6K Crea Mobile
Crea 6K mobile

Compact, all in one, Automatic. GELATO 6K CREA is the ice cream machine of the future!

Gelato 6K Crea
Crea 6k

Compact, all-in-one, Automatic. GELATO PRO 6K CREA is the ice creammachine of the future!

Gelato 5K Crea
5k Crea SC

The most compact fully automatic table-top ice crea

Gelato 4K  Touch
Gelato 4K Touch


Chef 5L Automatic
Gelato Chef 5L Automatic

The compact gelato machine for professional use, with stainless steel removable bowl and storage function.

Gelato Chef 5L
Gelato Chef 5L

The compact gelato machine for professional use, with removable bowl and density control.

Frix Air

FRIXAIR is easy and fun to use; it enhances the capabilities and fantasies of the professional user.

Semi-Professional Gelato Maker


It is the only fully automatic household Gelato Machine
in the world!


TALENT will automatically gently churn and freeze to give delicious results every time.

Chef 2200
Chef 2200

Very simple to use.
No Pre-Freezing

Professional Storage and Display

7 Magic PRO
7 Magic Pro Gelato Display Freezer

Sleek. With LED lighting for  visibility, it is the perfect solution to displaying ice cream and gelato

5 Magic PRO 125
5 Magic Pro 125

A Magic Idea!
Gelato, ice-cream and sorbet storage cart.

4 Magic PRO 100
4 Magic Pro 100

The ultimate Gelato-ice cream storage and
display case

Fresh Magic PRO 150
Fresh Magic Pro

FRESH Magic PRO150 Innovative and compact positive display case designed for minimal space requirements.

Pozzetti Quartto

4 Magic POZZETTI Storage cart.
This elegant cart is made of stainless steel and MDF on four wheels 

Fantasia Buffet Lux
Fantasia Buffet Lux

 A system for preserving ice creams and sorbets for over two hours, Without electricity!

Fantasia Buffet
Fantasia Buffet

 A system for preserving ice creams and sorbets for over two hours, Without electricity!

Magic PRO 280B
MAGIC-PRO-280B-ind-600x600 - Copy

Magic PRO 280B is a free standing storage  case with high efficiency,and suitable for any task.

Magic PRO 90B
MAGIC-PRO-90B-600x600 - Copy

Don’t have space? Magic Pro 90B does not need it!